1. Introduction
  1.     The Prophet Is Commissioned

1.    The Prologue (1:1-8)

2.    The Commissioning Vision (1:9-10)

B.     Prepare To Receive The Prophetic Message (Letters To The 7 Churches, 2-3)

  1. The Prophecy
  1.       The Inaugural Vision Of Heaven

     1.     The Vision of The Throne of God And Heavenly Court (4)

2.    The Sealed Scroll And The Lamb Worthy To Open It (5)

  1. The First Cycle Of 7:  The Seals-Tribulation Among Mankind

1.    The First Four Seals:  The Four Horsemen (6:1-8)

  1. The Fifth Seal:  Suffering Of The Saints(6:9-11)
  2. The Sixth Seal:  The End And Its Terror Described (6:12-17)

4.    Interlude:  God’s People Preserved In Suffering(7)

A.    The 144,000: The Church Militant

B.    The Heavenly Multitude:  The Church Triumphant

  1. The Seventh Seal:  Introduces The 2nd Cycle (8:1-6)
  1. The Second Cycle Of 7:  The Trumpets-Tribulations That Are To Come To Pass As The 

Result Of Evil.

  1. The First Four Trumpets Blasts:  Tribulations In Nature(8:6-13)
  2. The Fifth Trumpet Blast:  Evil From The Abyss.  (9:1-12)
  3. The Sixth Trumpet Blast:  Destruction Sweeps Over Mankind.  (9:13-21)
  4. Interlude:  God’s Word Still Proclaimed(10-11)
  1. John Is Re-Commissioned
  2. The Saints Witness

      5.    The Seventh Trumpet Blast:  The End And Rejoicing(11:15-19)

  1. The Cosmic Struggle Between Christ And Satan.
  1. The Woman, Child, And Pursuing Dragon.  (12)
  2. The Dragon Marshals His Forces(13)
  1. The Beast From The Sea
  2. The Beast From The Earth
  1. The Conquering Lamb And The 144,000 On Mt. Zion.  (14:1-5)
  2. Defeat Of The Dragon And His Beasts Prophesied.  (14:6-13)
  3. Vision Of The Harvest And The End.  (14:14-20)
  1. The Third Cycle Of Seven:  The Bowls Of God’s Wrath-Judgement Upon Evil.
  1. Preparation For The Last Plagues(15)
  2. The First Six Bowls Of God’s Wrath.  (16:1-16)
  3. The Seventh Bowl:  The End(16:17-21)
  1. The End:  Close –Up
  1. Judgement And Overthrow Of The Forces Of The Dragon.
  1. Judgement Of The Harlot(17)
  2. The Fall Of Babylon(18)
  1. Victory Celebration
  1. Song Of Victory(19:1-10)
  2. The Vision Of The Crowned Victor Going To Receive Victory.  (19:11-21)
  1. The Judgement And Overthrow Of The Dragon Himself.
  1. The Millennium:  Restricted In His Power(20:1-6)
  2. His Final Doom(20:7-10)
  1. The New World
  1. The Vision Of The Resurrection And Last Jude3gement.  (20:11-15)
  2. The Vision Of The New Heaven And New Earth.  (21:1-22-5)
  1. Epilogue-The Promise Of Christ’s Coming(22:6-21)



Purpose of the book of Revelation:  To show the entire story of salvation.  


Setting:    Nero:    64 A.D. fire in Rome.  The commoner’s homes were destroyed but he rebuilt a palace for himself (Caesar worship) and the people blamed him for fire.  Nero then blamed the Christians and made Christianity illegal.  John was excelled to the island of Patmos, a penal island.  The seven churches he wrote to are on a postal route.

        Peter & Paul died under Nero    

        Nero 54-687 emperors in next 20 years

        Trajan 98-117 continued the persecution but urged them not to go on a witch-hunt.    

    Purpose of Scripture:    1.   Testimony of Christ

2.   God’s Law & Gospel are described in a variety of ways

  1. God’s vehicle for communicating the Gospel
  2. Through man and for man.


? The Revelation from Jesus Christ

            or            } Greek not conclusive

? The Revelation about Jesus Christ


TITLE:        APOKALUYIE            IWANNOU        

        Revelation/apocalypse         ofJohn


Apocalyptic    =    This style flourished from 200 BC to 300 A.D.  It is literature in which divine 

secrets are revealed, usually by heavenly angelic figures, to a human recipient in a historical setting.  Eschatological.  Use symbolic language.  Esoteric: For a small group.  Portrays warfare between good and evil.


John’s Revelation about/from Jesus Christ to the “angel.”  (Angel possibly the pastor or elder)


Time & The Rapture:

εν ταχει =    Quickly…to show what must happen quickly, not necessarily “soon.”

1 Thessalonians 5:1-3    Jesus comes like a thief in the night

Luke 12:45-46 Long in coming- come on a day we do not know

Acts 1: 7  It is not for you to know the cronous (chronos) = Chronological order of what must take place.


Matt. 16:3     Signs of the Kairon (Kayron) = Time in general

    (We will know the time when He comes but not the chronological sequence of events.  Things will 

happen to always keep us ready, but never be certain “before hand” as to when He comes.)

Matt. 24: 1-35End times



Rev. 3:10      This is the passage they base everything on, in spite of overwhelming evidence against:

Matt. 24:9     They endure persecution.  Refute rapture claim

1 Peter 4:12      Trials they must suffer

Rev. 13:7      Make war against the saints.  How does he do this if they are raptured?

Rev. 14:14      Earth is harvested…But they were supposedly raptured???

Hebrews 9:28         He will appear a second time.  Not a third and fourth

John 5: 28-29:        No rapture

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18      Those left are in contrast to those who have died, not left behind

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12      No Rapture





Dispensational View    -  A dispensation is a period of time in which God ruled differently during each 

dispensation.  “Left Behind Series”  by Lahey.


Popular 19th century idea:  1800-1882 by Darbee of First Brethren

Scollfield popularized and Hal Lindsey to Lahey


Rev. 4:1     Rapture

        4:2-19:16    7 years of tribulation

                    God finishing His work against the Jews

                    No church on earth at this time

            19:17-20:6    Christ returns visibly in glory

Christ literally is seated in Jerusalem in a 1400 mile cubed temple and rules the earth until it doesn’t work and it ushers in the Apocalypse, the next dispensation.

            20:7-20:10    Satan is loosed for a while

            20:11-15    Judgement Day

            21-22        Visions of a new heaven and a new earth

    Dispensations:        (Each ends because of failure)

  1. Innocence:      Take care of garden and not eat of the tree
  2. Conscience:    God Governed indirectly through conscience and people were to 

respond through their conscience.  Was ended by the flood.

        3.   Civil Gov.:    Governed with Governments.  Failed at the Tower of Babel 

        4.   Patriarchal rule:    Ruled with leaders.  People were suppose to believe and serve God.  

Failed when Jacob led his people into Egypt and they were enslaved.

        5.   Mosaic Rule:    God governed through the Law.  They were to do the law.  This 

ended when Christ came.  But Christ did not come to establish the “land”, he brought a new covenant. 

        6.  Grace:        God governed through the church.  You must accept the gift of 

righteousness.  It will end with worldwide rejection of Christ.

7.   Millennial:        Obedience to the glorified Christ in Israel.  Christ’ reign will not be 

successful and this will usher in Armageddon.


Preterist View - Everything took place when John wrote it.


Idealists View - It is all word pictures and not describing anything real.


Historical - It all happened then and it continues to happen.  


Pre-millennialist -  The millennium is yet to come.  If this is true then why did John write in haste?


Post-millennialist - The millennium has past and things should be getting better not worse.  This was 

De-popularized during WWI & WWII.  Theologians could not support that things were getting better after Hitler.    


Amillennialist - They believe that the millennium is now.  Christ’s reign over the earth 

began at His death and resurrection and will remain until he comes again.  (A Lutheran view)


CONCEPTS:   (Taken from their own website)    

PREMILLENNIALISM        False Teaching

The first view regarding the Millennium is that of PREMILLENNIALISM. The prefix, "Pre," denotes "before." The prefix is telling us at what point in relationship to the millennium that Christ will come. This view holds that our Lord will Literally return before a 1,000-year reign of Christ begins. The millennium of Revelation 20 is taken to be literal. If not literal, it at least is speaking of an indefinite period of time following the coming of Christ during which there will be perfect peace on the earth.

Within the premillennialist camp, there have come to be two identifiable views: the "dispensationalist" position, and the "historic" position. For further information defending each of these views, one should consult Reese's The Approaching Advent of Christ [historic] and Dwight Pentecost's Things to Come [dispensational]. Though the differences between the two are important, it is not within the scope of our purpose here to delve into such matters.

 Dispensational Premillennialist:        (19th Century Concept)



                            Rapture            Mill.

God works “with” his people and the church      2nd     Tribulation        3rd         End

Coming        Coming    4th







AMILLENNIALISM    (Lutherans/Catholic’s and most Protestant churches)

The second view is called AMILLENNIALISM, or sometimes called "realized eschatology". The prefix, "A-," means "no". This would suggest that those who hold this view do not believe in a millennium. This is somewhat misleading, however. This view is the the product of a consistent Spiritual interpretation of prophetic literature. To those, the millennium is not some future physical reign, but the present reign of Christ in the hearts of believers. The "millennium" is an indefinite period of time (the present age) after which Christ will physically return. Prophecy in the Church, by Oswald Allis, is a standard work for the amillennial position.

This is the position of the Roman Catholic Church, also many other Protestant denominations. It grew out of St. Augustine's spiritualizing of these issues in his writings, and the tendency of many early Christian writers to see the Church as the "new Israel" and therefore the recipient of the promises of the Old Testament for the Jewish nation. Those who hold this view do not speak of the millennium as a future happening.  It is, to them, a Present Reality.




Millennium        2nd Coming

Church Age            End




POSTMILLENNIALISM             False Teaching

The third, and last, major view is that of POSTMILLENNIALISM. The prefix "Post" speaks of "after." This teaching promotes the view that the physical return of Christ will Follow an actual millennium. The influence of Christianity will over-take the world for an extended period of time, then Christ will return.

This view appears to be a mixture of the principles that work to produce the first two views. It is not consistently spiritual or literal in its interpretation of the prophetic material relevant to this issue. 



Further work: http://www.iclnet.org/pub/resources/text/wittenberg/mosynod/web/endtme-4.html


Postmillennialists:    Life keeps getting better because we are in the end times.  This belief waned                     with WWI – WWII and is held primarily by Jehovah Witnesses




The Church Age    Tribulation    Millennium    End



Millennium    =    1,000 year reign, figuratively by some, literally by others, of a time that Christ 

is reigning over the earth.

Armageddon    =      a meggiddo =  Battle field

Stars        =    Angels

Lampstand    =    A church

Sea        =    Chaos(Glassy sea = Chaos subdued)

7 Churches    =

                               * Pergamum

* Thyatira


                                 * Sardis

                            *Smyrna    * Philadelphia    


      * Rome                  Sea           * Ephesus    * Laodicea    





                     Mediterranean Sea




Smyrna:  Theme-“Be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life.”  Birth Place of Homer

Beautiful city.  Largest theatre.  Large Temple to Tiberius.  Lots of Jews.  Synagogue of Satan= Unbelieving Jews

Good: In poverty, but rich in Christ    

Bad:  Fear of persecution.  Don’t let fear lead you astray

Pergamum:    Center for 4 most important cults-Zeus, Athena, Dianises, Asclapius.  Center for Imperial cults: set up a temple.  Went against God for material gain.

    Good: Did not deny the faith

    Bad:  Teaching of Balaam.  NOTE:  There was no Baal cult there.  This is a metaphor for sexual immorality.

Thyatira:    Known for trade goods.  (We know the least about)    

        Good:  Doing deeds of love

        Bad:  Old Testament Jezebel

Sardis:    Wealthy city in Ancient times.  Capital city.  Home of Goddess “Cybele” Able to restore the dead to life.  

        Bad:  Hypocrisy.  Their faith has no works!

Philadelphia:    Prosperous.  Opportunity to preach (open door).  They don’t have much power.  They are the opposite of Pergamum.  Giving them an opportunity to witness and if the unbelieving Jews refuse God’s verdict will be permanent.

Laodicea:    Banking, fine clothing, a madisnal school.  Church was wealthy.  

    Bad- Complacency.  God calls to repentance

Thunder    =    God’s presence

24 Elders    =    Possibly 12 tribes and 12 Apostles

Four creatures    =    (Is.6:1-3, Ezekiel 1:5-26;10:3-22) There is no explanation.  Some have suggested 

the four Gospel authors.  The image parallels the idea of the four corners of the earth.  The eyes seeing everything suggest that they are symbolic of all of creation.  Possibly the highest order of beings in heaven

Scroll        =    The future.  Our destiny.

Horn        =    Symbol of power

Eyes        =    Holy Spirit

See Outline for definition of occurrences.  Below are descriptions of those things not listed in the outline:

Seals        =    White Horse-Tyranny (Color of Conquering)  White to fool people.

            Red Horse-Blood shed

            Black Horse-Recession, Famine

            Pale Horse- Death

            Blood under the altar – Blood is poured under the altar for sacrifices.  The martyrs 

cry out, “How long?”

            Six seal – The end

            Seventh seal – Reminds us of Exodus

Trumpets    =    1/3 = not complete destruction

            First four trumpets: Curse of creation

Two Witnesses    We are.  We are sent two by two.  Lahey says they are Elijah & Moses???    

Olive Trees    =    Israel

Woman (12)    =    Mary and the entire people of God

Babylon    =    All human entities that fights God’s people.

Harlot        =    Unfaithfulness

7 Heads    =    Divine Knowledge

 1st Resurrection    Baptism

2nd Resurrection    Eternity

1st Death    =    Physical death

2nd Death    =    To be condemned



    Note:  Does one verse change scripture or does all of scripture help to interpret one verse?  (Later)

Satan is bound with chains.  The chains are the Gospel that prevents Satan from freely deceiving.  He cannot deceive the people of God.  They know the voice of God.  (John 12:31-33, 16:11)    1000 years is a complete time.  Only two other places in the Bible mention 1,000 years; Psalm 90:4 “1,000 years is like a day” and 2 Peter 3:8.  

Note what little attention is given to this section.  That is because it had already been thoroughly explained throughout the book.  

Consider this as a different way of reading this section:

20:2…God seized Satan and bound Him by the Gospel that anyone who calls upon Jesus will not be deceived. 4.  All the saints who died before Christ came rose and lived with Him in heaven.  The rest of the people on earth after Christ did not come to life until they were Baptized.  6. These people are blessed and damnation has no power over them.  7. Satan will be released for a short time and will be throne in hell where he will be destroyed.   Note3-Abyss/10-Burning sulfur second is destruction, at first Satan is still able to survive.



12 Tribes =  This is in reference to the complete people of God.  Note they are not the tribes all the tribes, 

Dan and Ephraim are missing and Joseph is added.  

144,000=    Each tribe has 1,000 and there are 12    tribes = 12,000 x 12 = all the saints

12 or Multiples = People of God

12,000 Stadia = 1400 miles.  If literal the temple will be a 1400-mile high & wide cube.  

A mile =  5,280 feet.  Temple literally would be 7,392,000 feet.

Mt. Everest is 17,000 feet.  Think about it!  It’s figurative!

777 =     Fullness of Triune God(7 = God )

666 =     Possibly parody of 777.  One manuscript has 616 instead of 666, which would be the correct Hebraic numeric value for the name of Nero.  666 is only a slight error for Nero, therefore it could be feasible that they are actually talking about Nero to some degree.

42 Months =  1,260 days = 3 ½ years = Time , times and a half time =  “Period of time” also used by 

3 ½  years in Lunar months 30 days per month.  Used in Daniel.   No special meaning.

10 =    Completeness